Riby is a financial technology solutions company. We provide simple and smart finance management platforms.

Our solutions provide cooperatives, company groups, employees, individuals, associations, and financial development institutions a platform to manage their financial activities.

These solutions can also be customized to solve specific client problems and provide financial services.


Here at RIBY, we help you manage your finances through

Riby Peer Lending

With our Peer Lending feature, we automate the process of peers lending peers within the group or companies. We provide the access to our platform, insurance for loan, transaction management and so on for this process to be completed easily and without hassles and issues.

Riby Group Finance – Chamasoft

The Riby-Chamasoft for group finance helps manage financial records, loan administration, messaging and transactions for open and closed groups of individuals or organizations.

Riby Group Buying

Our groups engage with suppliers on our platform to buy items at reduced price in larger quantity / bulk.